buttttttssssssssss n thangs or whatever

it baffles me that people dont know what tree rings are —

but thats okay.

we’re all attracted to different things.

different things speak

to different people

and thats okay.

listen to what speaks to you.

if i speak to you now,

then listen,

bc i am talking for you.

i am talking

and hoping you are

listening bc i need


and you.

and you.


my bath is too hot —

how am i sweating

in a bath?

how do i sweat

all the time?

goooood i run on

such a high


rae — stabilize.

come back.

you got this.

you c a n do this.


tree rings are my thing.

triangles are my thing.

i am my thing.

whats yours?


if you send me your truth,

then i will post it.

i will share you

w the world

as you rightfully

desERVE to be seen.

i will share you

and not hold you back

bc you are worth that

and so much more.

you are worth so



you are worth it.


here, there’s a but.

not a butt, you ass —

a but.

but, theres a catch —

this is the only catch.

dont send me just anything.

send me your heart.

send me your story.

send me you —

everyone has a story.

even you, Kai.

especially you, Kai.

especially everyone, also —

i’m talking to you when

i say this to you:

send me yourself,

and trust me as i

trust you undoubtedly

and without abandon.

but think about what

you want to send me.

think really fucking hard

bc i will know if

you just





low and slow.

we bubble.

we gurgle.

we howl.


buttttttssssssssss n thangs or whatever

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