theres nothing you have to do tomorrow.

try to go to the post office. try to open snaps. try to respond to snaps. try to text ali. try to go to the joint meeting or try to text kevan you cant make it. try to text anton. try to shower. try to shave. try to apply to a job. try to wrap. try to brush your teeth.

you dont have to work!

try to finish mom’s present. try to go to target. try to call goodwill. try to count daily calories. try to do the food quiz. try to figure out loans. try to pay rent. try to call mom. try to email gaga back. try to run.

try to breathe.

try to keep going.

try to aim for an empty to do list.

try to fight apathy.

try not to think of exes.

try not to eat unhealthy.

try to calm down.

try to remain positive and create positivity.

just try.

but theres no pressure — you dont have to do anything tomorrow.

you just have to try.


whats wrong?

breathe deep — feel it.

let it fill you up.

youre okay.

youre okay.

whats wrong?

pay bills today.

you dont have to go to the meeting tomorrow.

everything is okay!

everything is totally okay.

youre doing great.

keep doing it.

open :)

i feel open today.

not open like i want to share my feelings —

open like i breathe air in through my nose and instead of filling me up it dumps out of the gaping tear running up my gut.



organs falling out of my cavity —

out of the gaping tear.

out of my person.

im a person.

why dont i feel like it?

open :)

god is my head pounding


youre okay.

tears bounding down my cheeks —

im not sad,

just tired.

so tired.

drained, actually —

and my head is pounding.

well, drink more water.

well, drink any water ever.

nausea stirring at the base of my throat

and in the pit of my stomach.

why am i nervous?

what has me in knots?

youre okay.

david is fine.

victoria is fine.

everyone is tired tonight.

keep breathing

and the nausea will pass.

settle down


calm down

sleep will help

god is my head pounding

im back on the pen.


i missed you more intensely than i ever have today. for a few minutes


i know im fine.

why am i playing this character?

the pen.

im so dramatic, internal, dark, self-pitying.

the pen.

ugh, fuck.

but i dont want to be in control right now.

was i feeling too in control for the past few weeks? is that even a thing?

yeah, totally.

i need to let the monkey out.

but, for me, the monkey is this dark piece —

this demon.

just coming out to play.

does the depression come before or after the pen?


im lower than i thought.

i sleep as long as i can. i dont care to move forward.

fuck, ive been here before.

i get lost. i get lost in not caring. i dont want to be in control bc its so. fucking. hard. all the time. to be in control. its so hard. im so tired.

but right now im coasting.

i want to hit a bottom — not the bottom, but a bottom. a low. i want to find it. i want to bask in it. i want to focus on being beautiful. i want to feel the pain in every pore. i want to be hopelessly immersed in feeling the rawness.

ill find my way out. when i want to.

hey — not sure what happened, but just wanted to say i really like talking to you and was excited to see you again. most people suck but you dont and thats a cool thing. much love🤙🏼

aaaasnd he blocked you.

i genuinely dont know what happened, but ill heal. ill be fine. this is okay.

all this really did was show me how much i want a boyfriend, which sucks. but at the same time, honestly, i really dont want to rush anything. im just enjoying life.

and anyone who doesnt want to enjoy it with me can do so unbothered bc why am i going to beg someone to stay?

i just really dont know what happened.

hard love

man, i really do love hard.

i was very excited. i was so excited.

i guess its good to have it end before it begins if it wasnt meant to work out.

i was so damn excited, though.

and even though i think its actually over, i still have a little hope. im still holding on to the idea that he might respond. im a hopeful romantic. im näive and routinely heart broken, but i really do love hard.

hard love