ok i smile at everyone i make eye contact w at the gym — i dont understand why everyone walks around looking all pissed off. like, chill. we get it. youre v v v macho. youre not insecure at all. cool cool cool.

and i swear that more often than not, when i smile at a woman who’s about my age, she immediately looks me up and down or looks at my monitor or literally raises an eyebrow at me. and im like ???? what the fuck ??? why is everyone so hostile and instinctively judgmental??? its a smile??? if we were drunk in a bathroom at a bar we’d be best friends by now???

idk, man. i dont understand women. i dont understand why women are so reflexively mean to other women.

i mean, i dont understand men either, but at least they smile back a lot of the time. and not in a creepy way, either — its just a smile.

its just a smile, jesus.

be a person.

and also seriously if you dont get your bigoted full face of makeup, nike roshe-wearing ass out of my face while im running i swear to god i’ll fucking trip you

and ill smile as i do it.

be a person.

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