aimless anxiety

hey hey —

wheres this anxiety coming from?

why is your heart pounding?

level out. keep breathing.

youre okay! my dude!

youre totally okay.

whats up w u?

just breathe.

youre ok.

yr okay.

hey u,



snap out of it.

take a d e e p breath.

today was a rlly great day.

your therapist cleared you!!!!

youre doing great on yr meds.

youre doing your very best.

why are you so upset?

you have nothing

to do tomorrow/

does that scare

you? why is

that scary?

just chill.

yr okay.

keep breathing —

get yr heart rate down.

youre tired — close yr eyes.

why are you so on edge?

okay — seriously stop

this is annoying —

youre. fine. ya

you miss LA

a little extra

today and thats

a thing thats alright.

thats a thing thats okay.

its okay to miss your home

and your roommate and your

jobs and your friends and your

bed and your bath tub and

your hikes and your

life, my dude.

thats yr


right there

and it sucks that

you cant be there rn

but you cant and thats

a-okay. thats alright. you’ll

be there soon — two weeks. just

keep holding on for two weeks

and then youll be back in

your space and your

life that you built/

i promise. stop



seriously — my god.

what the fuck is worrying

going to do??? what the fuck

is making yourself upset

going to do?? youre

totally okay and

youll be back

soon enough.

youll be back.

and itll be great

when you are and

thats that. thats that —

just be cool. all is well!!!

settle your poor mind, mane.

let yourself sleep. stop the cycle.

youre totally okay. and youll

be in your space soon —

keep enjoying your

time at home.

you love


you love

being home

and being w fam.

so chill the fork out

and seriously shut the

trill up for, like, just how

about six minutes you

just shut up for six

minutes and you

will be okay i






you’re okay, rae.

everything is okay.


i yam tired

and my heart

is racing and those

two things dont

mix well let

me tell



i am strong/

i am unafraid/

i am okay.

aimless anxiety

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