//day/dreamer//: a little more jingle jangle than usual!

vic has always said

shes a day/dreamer

through and through.

she’d tell me what

she was dreaming

about, and i’d say,

“oh, wow! thats cool

cool cool!” and she’d

smile and say, “thank

you!” and i’d say, “i’m

not a daydreamer —

i’m an opportunist,

and a critical thinker?”

and she’d say, “oh, wow!

thats cool cool cool!” and

but so i think i lied

when i said i wasnt a

daydreamer. i think i

lied when i said that

bc i’ve always had

wishes and dreams —

or whatever you

wanna call them —

hopes? maybe? a plan?

haha ok maybe not a plan,

but ive always chased

after what i want blindly

and without rhyme or

reason — other than to

the sound of my own

wonky azz drum, of

course // i’ve always chased

after what i thought was

good for me, and what ive

wanted desperately, and

i guess ive dreamt along

the way. i just didnt call it

that. and tbh i guess i dont

even super know what i

called it? maybe just “what

i want my future to be

like” or “this is what

would make me so

happy” or im not

entirely sure —

but i do



for sure for sure

for sure no doubt that i

do want a lot. i do. and i

also know i’d be happy

with anything, like, i do

not ever want to put

my happiness into anyone

or especially anythings. i

don’t mean to sound greedy

or heady or however else

this may come off, but i guess

i’m a dreamer through and

through bc i want a pretty

bathroom and a stable job

that pays well and i want to

spend a lot of time exploring

nashville and maine and LA

for sure for sure and maybe

go back to the galapagos islands

and idk. i’d love to go anywhere

and do anything, truly — i would

feel so blessed. and i guess i’ve

always just called them “my

wants” more than anything else.

oh, duh — and i REALLY want

a family of my own someday.

i’m really excited about the

prospect of a family and

a husband who loves me

as much as i love him and

that all, yez, maybe seems

a little zany bonkers to

say when i’m only 22 and

working as a barista, but —

i guess i dream big. and i

didnt even know i did. i

thought i was a critical

thinker, and i am — through

and through/ in a lot of ways,

but im just as much a dreamer,

too. im just as much a dreamer

with her head so high up in

the clouds its maybe a little

ridiculous. but i love the

clouds just as much as i

love the sun and the moon,

and there aint nothing

wrong with a whole

lotta love and a

whole lotta


so long

as you

work hard for it all and super

value the things you have and

super love the people you have

and idk those are all just some


i believe to be


true true


//day/dreamer//: a little more jingle jangle than usual!

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