a handful of thoughts i just had all at once:

1. tyler the creator is a genius like yeah his brand is super goofy and whatever but he has made it so big and his content is some of my fave

2. “mood trings”

3. when im older, i want my bathroom to have really good speakers high on the ceiling and i want room to dance in the shower and in the rest of the bathroom and in my bedroom and i want a bath tub thats so deep it can fit, like, 5 people but also i guess not that huge bc i like baths a lot and i dont want to waste so much water so maybe just a tub for 2 and a small child (chill — i said when im older, jesus///im at “that point” in my cycle where im like “oh my god someone fist a baby into this pussy” and thats just a way that my brain works sorr sorr not sorr sorr!!) and i want pine-scented candles and great water pressure (no, i want bad water pressure??? duh, you dingbat. no one wants bad water pressure haha) (and i also want a removable shower head if u knowuhh what im saying) and thats all plus maybe more stuff who knows — i just think that sounds like a dream and ill work really hard to make that happen

4. just “big poop turd” was a thought that legitimately came into my head just now idk

5. another dream of mine is to just i guess have a platform somehow that could empower the unimpowered until they are powerful enough to empower each other and themselves equally and idk i think empowerment is so powerful even though duH, RAE, THATS THE POINT???????

6. hows my Arlo doing?? he filthy, boo, but he my filthy boo if u know what imuh saying (i dont have sex w my car i promise!!! ew!!! but also if youre into that then continue on, my dudes! dilly dilly!)

a handful of thoughts i just had all at once:

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