my logo kinda looks like a key

even i amaze myself.

bc i am amazing.

be amazed.

be wowed.

look at me.

find yourself in me

bc you are just

as amasinf

uhhhh, hey thumbs??

maybe, like, don’t suck

for, like, 14 seconds?

hah —

im just kidding, thumbs.

im just kidding.

my thumbs are awesome

bc they help me write

even if johnny

did say i had toe thumbs

like four years ago.

fuck you, johnny —



hah! now im talking to

my mf toe thumbs.

i am literally like so

literally like so insane rn

like fr lol like fr i am

l i t e r a l l y, like,

lol im like so literally

literal rn —

sorry im so annoying.

thanks for listening anyway



i am true,

through and through,

and i am huge.

we are huge.

roll w me, fam.

roll w me.

my logo kinda looks like a key

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