i think marriages fail these days bc people try to get everything out of one person and thats just not how it works

we cant get all we need

from one person.

not like that,


not in the way

we’re going about it.

UGH, WE’re so dumb

its tiring.

you ever feel that??

you ever feel how dumb

we are?

but we’re so smart, too.

we’re so, so smart.

we are beautiful,

you and me.

wow are we ever




i love monogamy.

i do.

bc soulmates are real

and yours is out there —

and its okay if you

havent found yours yet.

its okay.

you will.

bc there is someone

out there

for everyone.

and you can find

him/her/it/whatever/etc —

there is

someone out there for you.

i promise and

i do not lie.

i used to lie, sure —

but i told you i dont

lie anymore and so

i dont.

i have grown.

i have changed.

i have remembered

who i am

just as you are capable

of doing.

listen to the music.

watch the movies.

read the books.

just feel the beat —

your mf beat, mane.


hEY, you!

yeah, you, ya

big fucking idiot!

you can get

things from your

soulmate that you cant

get from anyone else.

but you can get things

from everyone around you —

you have to.

thats how you grow.


dude also for sure

dont wait to have sex

until marriage thats

fucking stupid lmfao.

i mean, do whatever,

for sure,

but sex is fun —

sex is really fun.

its cool that we have bodies

and we can mash them


but dont mistake sex for love.

absolutely do not do that

bc they are different.

those two things are not equal.

those things are not equal.

sex is not love.

but sex is not evil.

sex is sex hahhah

that one is just sex

and sex is funny and

awkward sometimes maybe

and it might hurt or like

maybe it feels good or like

maybe you have a vag and

you love another vag and

two vags(?) vages(?)


may not look like they fit

but they can.

they absolutely can,

and they do in some cases!!!

for sure they do.

and thats so super amazing

and so super awesome

bc there arent any rules.

except maybe like dont

fucking hate anything

or anyone and listen

to yourself and communicate

and treat everyone the way

you want to be treated and

dont fucking idk just

like you know in your heart

what good is. just strive to be


just strive.

keep striving.

youre doing great,

you. and you

and you




i had never understood

sex until i met my soulmate

and, shit, hahaha i get it.

i get it now.

i found my forever

and even if hes not ready

yet —

which, he’s not,

and thats okay!!!

he’s doinf amazinf!!!!!!!!

ETHAN!!! aYes!!!!!

i hearr youuuahiaianwkwle

youre so beautiful.

hahahaha youre so beautiful.

and i cant wait to grow

w you and

communicate w you

and make love to you —

and thats not weird to say.

honestly fuck you

if you think thats weird to say.

dont be jealous of my love.

dont be jealous.

dont be grossed out by my sex

and my love —

be happy for me!!!!!!!





believe me when i say that.


for 22 3/4 years,

i couldnt feel a thing

at all.

for 22 3/4 years,

i couldnt love a thing

at all.

and for 22 3/4 years,

i couldnt fucking

cum, bitch!!!!!!!!!


but now i can.

bc i can do anything.

we can do anything.

i think marriages fail these days bc people try to get everything out of one person and thats just not how it works

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