i never knew what to do

but i knew who i was,

so i followed it.

i didnt listen to

the bullies

or the car horns

(i have legitimately

cried bc people have

honked at me before.

im a terrible driver

and i try my best and

it hurts me when people

honk at me. im just

doing my best. and they

honk — but i didnt

intentionally cut them off.

i didnt do that on purpose;

im just a shit driver.

still hurts. i have cried

when people have honked

at me.)

or the i guess anything,

really. i just tuned it out.

i said, “fuck you. i

see through you. i dont

know what im supposed

to be doing/i dont know

why im here but i am

okay and i will find

myself again as i have

done so twice before.”

i said that and i didnt

know that i said that

to myself.

im always talking

to myself.

im always talking

to others

as myself.

im always talking.

im always thinking.

and you are, too!!!!

youre so, so, so,


good at thinking and

talking, you are.

hear me when i say

you are.

youre just talking and

thinking about the

wrong stuff.

transcend the bullshit.


think about what that word

means, dammit.

it exists for a reason.

you exist for a reason.

lets roll, fam.

i never knew what to do

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