find the parallels

i always resented


bc i liked things to

feel wrong.

its like i wanted

things to be wrong.

its like i somehow


things to be wrong

and why did i do that??

why did i want things

to be wrong?

yes, the

veins in the leaves

branches of the trees

roots of the bushes

are all hectic —


but thats mother earth.

thats not us.

we are calm.

mother earth is chaotic

but we are calm.

we are calm and


we like symmetry.

we crave congruence.

mother earth is

separate from us:

we can hear her;

we needed her;

we destroyed her.

we need to fix her.

mother earth is chaotic,

but we are calm.

we are bright and calm.

burke, snap out of it.

i feel you, man.

patronize the fuck

out of me.

look at it.

would you juST FUCKING


find the parallels

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