sometimes my anxiety gets so loud that i cant think or breathe and i forget to breathe and i almost pass out like i actually almost pass out a lot and i didnt know that about myself and im pretty scared of passing out bc that means im just super not listening to my body


listen to yr bod, boo.

be good to yourself.


breathe in,

and push it all out —

force it out.

blow it out hard

like you mean it.

get all the bad air

out of there and trust

that you can fill it

with new, fresh,

full air.

replenish yourself.

dont worry when your

heart starts racing

or your palms start sweating

or your voice starts cracking

or the voice inside your

head gets too loud.

dont shut it out.

dont shut it out —

its okay.


rae —

hey. come back.

come back.

youre okay.



why arent you listening to me?

rae, chill. chill the fuck out.

just chill out.

youre okay.

just be cool cool cool.

youre cool cool.

maybe you gotta

step back for a second

and thats okay.

focus on mom and gaga

coming — theyre on a plane!!!

theyre coming to LA

bc they love you and

you need to see a therapist.

you need to see a therapist.

you need to talk to

someone who understands you.

maybe you need to talk to


maybe you need to talk to


im not sure yet.

you have to talk to someone.

you have to protect yourself

and listen to yourself

and not run from this.

stop running.

listen to yourself.

hey. rae. home gurl.

you aight.

you fine fine fine.

you is fine, duder.

im for serious.

im serious.



maybe sleep if you can —


youve beverage

——- what??

i meant to type “been”

but my phone typed


freudian slip but through

my phone??????

who knows.

ugh, im tired.

my brain is tired.

i’m sorry, brain.

thank you, brain.

i appreciate you, brain.


youve never been able

to sleep, but sleep is


everything is important.

man, my head hurts,

but ive always liked pain

a little bit


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