your anxiety is nothing to fear

dont be scared.

theres nothing to fear.

i’m telling you right now —

yea, you, you nitwit —

follow your anxiety.

dont go too fast,

but youre way stronger than you think.

i know that to be true.

trust me when i say that.

your anxiety

is a defense mechanism

that needs to be overcome

bc its also

a road map of your mind.

anxiety is a gift —

don’t stifle it.

don’t stifle anything or


especially yourself.







man, i really do sound like a fuckn like woke fridge magnet or something lmfaooooo we’re all just woke fridge magnets on this fridge of life!!!!!!! what am i even saying!! hear me when i say things!!!! hear yourself when you say things!!!! hear other people when they say things!!!!!

your anxiety is nothing to fear

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