well now this is just a massive conglomerate of thoughts but its how they came out

i didn’t smoke weed at all yesterday for the first time in honestly so long. i thought id feel clear, and i do in some ways, but weed opens my mind just enough to tap into things easier

and maybe thats just me —

im not saying weed is at all the answer.

drugs are NOT the answer,

and i know that to be true.

weed is harmless, though,

in my opinion —

in my opinion,

there’s nothing wrong

with giving your brain a little boost.


hop off the molly.

dont take too much acid.

only do what you can do.








stop hiding from yourself.

wake up and listen

to yourself when you speak.


edit: everything in moderation. i love craft beer (IPA gang or get the literal fuck out of my face sorry not sorry) and sometimes a good brew w the bros is exactly what settles my soul — nothing wrong w that. but shots??? and handles???? what???? what are you doing???? dont rush anything?????? live each experience??? why are you rushing???? why are you blacking out??? why do you hate a part of yourself???? there’s nothing to hate. my God, there is nothing to hate. you are so beautiful, and if you work at seeing it — truly work; no bullshit — then you’ll see it in yourself (and everyone else), too. you’ll see it — i promise. i promise you that if you follow your anxiety, then you’ll learn what you need to uncover. you’ll learn what you’re scared of. there’s nothing to be scared of — you are pure and beautiful no matter what you’ve done in the past. youre beautiful no matter who has done what to you in the past. im not sure who has to read that today, but someone does — i can feel it. please trust me when i say that you are beautiful.


i know we’ve all heard that before, but have you ever actually heard it? some people in LA (not all of them) are so amazing (well, i mean, everyone is amazing, but some people are so far up they own aSSES) bc they can look at a plate of food and eat only what they need to be full. like, how many of us were taught as a kid to finish our plates??? why are we stuffing ourselves w things we dont want???? what are these societal pressures??? why are we doing that???? stop when youre full. dont take too much in the first place — listen to your stomach. listen to what you want and what you need. nourish yourself so that you can give yourself the absolute best chance at being your absolute best self. that sounds gay lmao im such a dinGBAT DO YOU HEAr me haaaaahhaahh i dont care. listen to me when i say this: i dont care what you think of me, but i also so deeply and truly care what you think of me. i think thats true of everyone. i think we’ve lost touch w human truths bc we’re so used to regurgitating them through our entire lives and then we die. great job, guys. truly. fucking nailed that one. i know that i’ve been spewing shit out of my mouth like “live laugh love” or “treat others how you want to be treated” (just kidding never in my lifE have i said ‘live laugh love’ unless i was being funny, which, let’s face it — is all the time. im hilarious. im a blessing to you just as you are an equal blessing to me and everyone else around you. do you fucking hear me???? hear me. please. i need you.) and not actually thinking critically about anything. i never thought. i just never used my brain. i accepted these universal human truths/experiences/clichés/cookie-cutter stories (we’ve all heard them) as truth through and through, but i never actually listened to anything. i never heard it. i never opened myself up to my own interpretation and, for me, that’s what i needed to do. because i’m a 4 on the enneagram (im too lazy to link the enneagram post, fuck. ugh. just google it or look back idgaf — help yourself. you have to want it. you have to work at it.), i needed to experience it in order to understand it. i needed to feel it. and that may not be the case w you!!! im not sure yet. i dont think its the case w everyone. but i do know that we need to stop regurgitating and start actively participating.


not many people are participating. not many people are listening. keep listening. keep pushing. keep following the voice inside your head. keep trusting you.


youre okay.

we got this.

i got you and

you have me.

we can do this


you can do this.

you’re doing it.

well now this is just a massive conglomerate of thoughts but its how they came out

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