slow down.



hey, you.

you beautiful person,


read at your own pace,

you a-friggin’ dinghorse.

slow the fuck down.

you have time.

let me say that again:

we have time

to learn.

we have time to grow here —

just trust me.

we are so new,

you and me.

and we’re sO COOL, DUDER.

(haha im lame for saying that,

and im cool w that)

we’re just finding our footing,

and thats okay.

youre okay exactly where you are

no matter where you are.

i am with you.

i hear you —

all of you,

but we have to work together.


we’re low and slow.

keep “grinding”

as the kids say

(these fucking kids are

on to something,

i tell ya.)


i write at my pace —

you read at yours.

there’s no need to rush

yourself or anyone else.

quit rushing.

enjoy the journey,


that’s my bad for forgetting

to say that.

let’s keep trying,

and keep each other in check.

you wont miss anything,

i promise.


and also

dont feel like you have

to read everything.

you dont.

read what you can

when you can

when you want to.

thats what youre supposed to

hear — nothing more;

nothing less.

its okay.

dont push the river.

listen to leah —

leah, fuck dude come on;

i know you can hear me —


dont push the river.

watch greys anatomy/

(the best show)

take a bath/

eat a breakfast burrito/

go for a walk/

take a deep breath —

literally just breathe.

you were forgetting to breathe,

you idiot dunce.

and thats okay.


hey, you.

yes, you.

wow — hey.

youre back.

youre okay.

we’re okay.

happy to see you.

read at yr pace mofos

slow down.

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