come out of your cave

you’ll all process



and thats the coolest part,

i think.

keep processing.

hear me any way that you can.

use your love language.

don’t overthink.

feel me.


just listen.

read and listen —

and THINK, you idiot!!


use your brain —

you have one

for God’s sake.

it was given to you.

just you.

yours is all your own,

and it’s beautiful,

and there’s nothing wrong w it.

sure, you have hurdles to jump through —

everyone does.

run at them without fear.

run at them with the intention of winning.

run at them and know that you will win.

you can beat this.

you can overcome this.

there’s nothing wrong w you.

there’s nothing to be scared of.

you are perfect

as you are —

now and forever.

you just have to try and see it.

just try.

i absolutely and with complete certainty

know that you can.

im here

and i know that.

come out of your cave

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