your individual,

very personal,

completely unique


is the only one

that will actually speak to you.

it will speak to you —

it will.

that much i know.


please know that i need

to write in order to

be okay.

thats how ive always been —

as you can see.

this grounds me.

and i need to be able to write whenever i have to otherwise im finna freak the freak out bc i freak out all the time bc we’re all human and my brain hurts too and maybe i have to slow down but i have to listen to me when i say that

i cant listen to anyone else.

me personally —

i’ll resist.

and i have to write here.

yes, im writing to you

and you

and you,

but im actually just

writing to myself.

i have to be able to write.//

do u feel me

i know u feel me,


put me down.

live your life.

find your path.

and ill just be here

writing for when you

need to drop in.

dont just sit and read.


thats not life!!!!!!


get out there.

i have to be here —

this is my path.

i have to write.

you have to go do


it is youre doing.

put me down —

chase you down.

you’re doing great!!!!


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