pups n shit idk

i always hated dogs.

i hated dogs bc i thought

it was cool

to hate dogs.

bc everyone loves dogs.

people never shut up

about dogs.

i always thought,

“shut up about dogs,”

you know?

maybe you dont,

and thats okay.

we’re all weird and

somewhat misunderstood

in one way or another.

but, now,

i love dogs.

i do.

i’m a dog person

because i’m a “love” person.

and i always hated them

bc they smell

and eat your stuff

and shit on the floor

and have gross paws —

i couldnt see past it.

i wasnt trying to see.



NOW I see.

now i see that

theyre so pure.

theyre so, so pure.

they just need love.

thats all they need.

they need your love.

we all need love.

pups n shit idk

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