it feels like those long, lazy summer days

when mom and dad are at work

and im cleaning my room

with the window open

some movie playing in the background

fretting over some boy or some friend.

my problems feel easily solvable.

my day seems to have rolling waves.

my to do list is very detailed,

and very doesn’t-really-matter-when-i-get-it-done-so-i’ll-lie-around-and-let-it-make-me-miserable-but-not-actually-miserable-because-life-is-good-and-the-day-is-long-and-i-like-this-part-of-Cars-but-i-really-wanna-get-it-done-because-itll-make-me-feel-good.

the house was always kinda sticky bc the AC was always broken.

i miss my mom.

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