things are starting

todays the day!

i took my oil and will get a huge egg sandwich when i want it today. and bone broth!!

i feel so happy.

everything is working out.

im here, and im so happy to be here. it took a few more months than i thought/hoped, but i think it makes a lot of sense why it happened the way it did.

and now, here i am.

taking a bath in my LA apartment i share with my best friend // songs from the festival we’re going to see next month playing through my speaker // summer spongeing through the windows

im 131 pounds and getting in shape!!! im so stoked to get back in the gym and get this body healthy and where i want to be!

i have two jobs with bosses who love me and are supporting me (for the most part)!

im getting two days off again instead of NONE so i can DO THINGS instead of WORK and GET SICK

shannons coming in two weEKS!!!

aaand men are merely onlookers.

things are coming together. finally, jesus. everything is falling into place. no strife. no congestion. and im going to enjoy the fucking shit out of it, bc who the hell knows what’s coming next.

moving forward, im going to APPRECIATE EACH AND EVERY DAY bc i have no real worries in the world and im young and i havent fucked anything up that matters. and thats a really fucking fresh and positive place to be.

to feel full to the brim im going to focus on:

getting fit. brewery hunting. money saving. recipe/food trying. crystal wrapping. show seeing. people meeting.

not running. not starving — enjoying every day.

this is a mess of my mind but man am i entering a new period of growth

things are starting

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