flows & findings

whoa whoa whoa —

what is this place?

where are we?

youre okay.

howd we get here?

youre okay.


deeply. slowly.

there you go,


now we can think.

youre completely,

totally okay.

you can let yourself fall asleep.

is it the caffeine? is it bc im so physically hungry? is it bc im so exhausted i cant unwind?

taylor is fine. liwei and david are fine. breathe. let that go. it was absolutely nothing, and you know that. stop. you know that. youre okay.

who gives a fuck about brendan? what? thank u, next?

arlo will be fine tomorrow. you have the money.

ah, money.

you looked at the date.

okay! sweet. tomorrow, no matter what, you’re finishing the loan thing. and it will be with enough time. and everything will be fine. you can call and talk to them — you can poke a loop hole if you have to. stop. hey. stop. breathe. bring it back down. come down. slow down. hey. youre okay. it will work out. everything will work out! keep breathing. do the loan thing tomorrow, and it will be okay. everything is okay. you’re so. close. to having money and not having to worry.

two weeks. push through the next two weeks, and you’ll be free from this constant, bleeding pressure in your chest.

maybe that’s why your back hurts so much

flows & findings

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