i feel like i’m starting my life

everything so far has led me here,

and now i start.

now it begins.

now it matters.

now i’m equipped.

still learning, of course and always,

but i feel like this is a turning point for me.

i’ve been trekking up this fucking mountain since fucking sophomore year of college (2016) (v. 2019) (2018 was an amazing, amazing year, but i hadn’t broken through yet. i was stagnant and clouded and not ready to start).

and i’m free.

i’m. fucking. free.

i’m me again. i’m unapologetically me.

i’m me and i’ve been through shit.

i’m me and i’m stronger. than. ever.

i’m true to myself, and i’m excited for the future.

fuck yeah, man.

i’m gonna get a job and start my life.

i feel like i’m starting my life

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