re-paint the past

i can change my story.

i can start re-writing it.

nothing has been set in stone —

except personality,


you’ve established so well.

and so genuinely.

and you’re so loved.

but you can be anything you want to be!

you’re not stagnant.

‘you’re not a tree.’

you can change how people see you.

you can change the image you project

into the world.

you can alter their minds.

they’ll forget —

just like dad.

you can replace what they know —

if you work hard.

if you stick to it.

RAE, you can change it all.

you can start over.

you can paint the picture

you’ve always been trying to paint.

my most personal art.

make them notice.

make them re-think.

make them go, “huh.”

make it happen.

you can do it,

and you’ve always been able to.

you just haven’t realized

that you can re-paint the past.

you can start over

on the foot you want to.

you can fundamentally change your image

and everyone will have to comply.

they’ll have no choice.

you have the power!

you’re 22.

let’s finally start living the way we want to.

your life is literally only beginning.

22 and you figured it out.

you can change.

you can be what you want to be.

re-paint the past

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