i think im finally financially flexible this month


i can start saving. or buying stuff i want — i know money doesnt buy happiness, but money buys lululemon. either way. i can feel free in that world for a few months until i have to start paying loans, but ill enjoy it now. ill be smart. ive now done the “ill spend a ton while i have it oh shit now im not working and have nothing fuck” thing, and it sucks. but it was low impact thanks to mom and dad bc wow that could have been utter disaster. but a learning experience. ill have a better handle on it now. AND its cool bc i really did live it up when i could — when everything* was light and without strings — and got a super great staple wardrobe that i adore!! and went to nashville. and e forest. and lots of breweries. and it was so amazing. i was living it up, and i have no regrets about it bc it was what felt like shedding the majority of my “kid” skin ugh fuck im too high to type this out but you get it.

and now im better because of it.

and now im facing adulthood.

you can do this.

and enjoy these few months of serving in LA with money!!! lightbulb money. but still, money. just enjoy them.

and keep gearing toward the real world.

youre slowly rearing

*most things

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