youre fine.

you used to do it all — youre not fragile.

youre not fragile.

put your nose to the grindstone for this week and next, and then you’ll be set!

you’ll have money.

you’ll have a set schedule.

you’ll have nights to go out.

you’ll have mornings to sleep in.

you’ll have time w vic.

you’ll have time alone.

you’ll have time to call mom and shannon and leah and

you’ll have time to smoke and shuffle and run and

you’ll have time to take baths and drive around and go on new adventures and meet new people and see new places and feel new things.

you’ll enjoy both your jobs.

you’ll have a great balance of being at work which you enjoy and home which you enjoy and

i can’t imagine much better.

just get through this week and next.

just be uncomfortable for a few days to be comfortable for the foreseeable future.

you got this.

the dust will settle.


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