my goals for 6.30.19

1. be (generally) financially independent of my parents (phone plan; car payments)

2. be able to start paying back student loans

3. feel comfortable in my skin

4. have a handle on comfortable, nutritionally and happily sustainable, affordable daily food intake

5. be able to run a half marathon (and potentially be in the process of running one)

6. have a handle on recreational pen usage (still be fun; not a dependence; not invasive)

7. have seen 10 artists in LA (plus EDC!)

8. have gotten even closer with Victoria

9. have kept up with mom, Shan, and Leah

10. have maintained habit break

11. have made a group of friends

12. have written anything tangible. anything.

tim hadnt even crossed my mind until now

13. be ready to commit to the job search

14. still have restorative tub time


my goals for 6.30.19

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