theres nothing you have to do tomorrow.

try to go to the post office. try to open snaps. try to respond to snaps. try to text ali. try to go to the joint meeting or try to text kevan you cant make it. try to text anton. try to shower. try to shave. try to apply to a job. try to wrap. try to brush your teeth.

you dont have to work!

try to finish mom’s present. try to go to target. try to call goodwill. try to count daily calories. try to do the food quiz. try to figure out loans. try to pay rent. try to call mom. try to email gaga back. try to run.

try to breathe.

try to keep going.

try to aim for an empty to do list.

try to fight apathy.

try not to think of exes.

try not to eat unhealthy.

try to calm down.

try to remain positive and create positivity.

just try.

but theres no pressure — you dont have to do anything tomorrow.

you just have to try.


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