determined & deadly

i dunno, i just have this unwavering urge to be beautiful.

this desire.

this need.

i need it, i tell you. i need this.

i want to be stunning and unique and eye-catching. god dammit, i want the world — i want the whole fucking world.

ive been dormant for two years, and thats not who i am. this isnt who i am. im not chubby. im not hiding behind clothes. im not muting my style and my personality and my essence just bc im too lazy to work out or watch what i eat or wash my face. fuck that. fuck living like that.

im so bright, and i deserve to shine. otherwise, ill never be happy. i cant wait to love my reflection again. and i cant wait to see the look in people’s eyes when they look at me — ive missed it wholeheartedly.

2018 is my year. i swear on my life.

determined & deadly

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