school is for chumps

youre okay. youre giving cole too much power now — why do you have to feel anxiety just bc he likes to get things done a week early? my way works, too. last-minute is just how i operate. obviously ill get the work done, and if he doesnt trust that, then thats on him.

youre okay. this might be your last night of torture for the rest of your fucking life, so revel in it. there will be a day youll look back and miss these little deadlines that drum up a huge amount of stress. theyre kind of exhilarating in a torturous, stupid way.

i made out with awesome last night like a lot. idk why i did that but i dont care. i guess i was kinda waiting for it to happen. is that embarrassing? he couldnt have been that drunk bc he drove home. thank god he drove home — i have no interest in sex right now.

im a ball of stress and fear. im so close to crying like every second of the day. im really gonna miss the friends ive made in the last month. the grass is always greener, i guess.

school is for chumps

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