tgivvvy 2017

wheres this anxiety coming from? you havent felt this in a long time (and by that i mean in, like, a week)

lets walk through this. you had a great day. you spent time with mom. you organized your clothes a little bit. you got an app for a job. you and vic had a great night. youre safe no ones mad at you you drank good beer you organized your time well youre FINE.

nothings wrong. you have time to do your work over break. is this bc tim watched your story? WHY ARE YOU LIKE THIS. WHY ARE YOU THE WORST. WHY DO YOU SUCK A LOT AND FREAK OUT EVERY SINGLE TIME SOMETHING HAPPENS EVEN REMOTELY INVOLVING HIM. stop it. fucking stop it. i cant deal. i dont care. i love him but i dont care. i dont want to care. for my wellbeing and my mental health, i cant care. just fucking drop it and calm the fuck down. let it flow through you and let it run its course. youre stable and strong and you have better things to spend time dwelling on. fuck that kid honestly. he shaved??? WHYdidheshavehelookedsohothemademykneeswea

anyway. chill. play it cool.

youre totally okay. mom doesnt know you were slightly //tipsy//. you did nothing wrong. everythings okay. everythings okay. youre okay. stop. breathe. breathe. slow your roll. stop hyperventilating. stop. stop. dont cry. aw god no please dont cry. there you go, smile. fight through it. deep breaths. there you go. keep breathing. nice. youre doing so great!! hey!! nice youre okay. keep breathing and remember theres no reason to be experiencing anxiety rn.

tgivvvy 2017

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