what makes me feel alive//what gives me chills

  1. getting lost in music//finding a really good new song
  2. jumping into my bed when the covers are cold
  3. dancing in the car with my best friends
  4. writing something i think is really good
  5. casually walking outside alone listening to a good song
  6. trying something on and liking what i see in the mirror
  7. getting home and eating chips and queso
  8. after i finish a workout
  9. talking to my mom and making her laugh
  10. going to a concert
  11. taking back roads at night when i don’t have to be anywhere
  12. people watching when I’m in an inquisitive mood
  13. a clean room
  14. waking up to a text from someone i didn’t know i wanted to text me
  15. finding something that’s totally “my brand”
  16. being told i did a good job
  17. making someone laugh
  18. the first sip of a cold diet coke
  19. crying in the shower
  20. saving a lot of money
  21. being around life and movement
  22. when everyone in church recites a prayer
  23. when i interject something when someone is talking and he or she says “exactly”
  24. sitting outside wrapped up in a blanket at night
  25. electronic music
  26. good hair days
  27. sitting by a lake
what makes me feel alive//what gives me chills

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