fed up

i dont know what to do anymore. i just honestly dont know.

im so heartbreakingly lonely and empty all the time it’s physically painful. i wanna cry, but im too empty. im too apathetic – i dont care about anything.

how do other people go through life content w doing whatever it is theyre doing? like, i dont want to go to the stone tonight, but im feeling sick bc everyone else is going out and im the loser staying in. but i would prefer to stay in and do my own thing, and no one is even thinking about what im up to tonight, so why do i care? chill the fuck out. dont be so uptight and concerned. that actually kinda helps. like legit no one is there that id want to see, and im comfy as fuck in my bed watching keeping up w the kardashians. so, literally, i have to be more secure in myself. i need to shape the fuck up and stop feeling sorry for myself.

fed up

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