confused & zero steps closer to helping myself

man i have so much anxiety i cant sleep. i cant even put my phone down bc im scared of feeling the entirety of it and my phone screen numbs it a little.

i feel like im going to throw up

i feel so alone

my head is pounding

like jj came over and hung out for a bit and like hello ??? you dont need to be w someone all the time ??? wtf is wrong w you ??? youre okay ???

im literally riddled with anxiety most of the time and im pretty sure almost none of it is justifiable/acceptable. its definitely not helping me in any way. do i just have an idea in my head of what i should be doing/what others think im doing/what i think would be “cool” to be doing and when im not fitting that i start freaking out?

im scared. im scared im like retracting as a person instead of growing. im so terrified and confused about why this is happening to me. am i bringing it on myself? do other people feel like this? what changes should i make to my life in order to feel secure again?

i feel so fucking shitty oh my god. this feeling wont go away.

confused & zero steps closer to helping myself

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