i didnt go home this weekend for jays grad party bc i wanted to see tim one more time before he left for vacation. 

i didnt go out with vince for his 21st bc i was waiting for tim to text me back. 

so, i spent the night alone and waiting for a text that never came. again. 

and now im not helping shannon move bc im waiting to see if he’ll want to meet up before he leaves. 

how refreshing – a bleak look into our past. me ready to give up everything for him and him not caring enough to even text me back. 

things were going so well with our communication. im trying to be more open and real this time around to show him ive grown up. it still really sucks. this is the feeling i have to remember when i miss him. but this isnt the feeling i remember. i remember his eyes and his laugh and our jokes. and those things alone outweigh anything else. im in love with those things and im in love with this very stupid boy. 

i hope he texts me soon.  


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