downs & downs

He made you sick before when you were “dating” (his word, not mine). By only giving you enough to get by and wish for more. 

He makes you sick now. By dangling himself in front of you. 

Do you really think if you got together again that would change?

Youd wake up paranoid every day. Youd wake up with him as your first thought more often than you do now – hes a distraction. Youd look at every girl as an enemy. Youd feel bad about your body. Youd feel on edge every time hes around bc youd want to look good. Youd feel ripped apart bc loving him is riding a rollercoaster. Youd be miserable. Again. 

Don’t forget how miserable you were when you were together. 

I want to spend the rest of my life with him. 

downs & downs

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