literally just rambling about boys

I fucked jj last night. Ive been fucking nuggett some but his dicks too big. I want Gene. Genes the first somewhat tangible guy who competes w tim in my head. Hes not tim status yet but he seems really great. Tim and i havent talked in a long while and i like it. I deleted his bros on insta finally over spring break. We didnt text or snap this break for the first time in a year but he snapped me when i got back to campus ironically. Still counts, tho. I ran to catch up to him the other day and i sink into him immediately. I sank into gene today too tho and i always sink into jj and tony. Nuggetts just nice but I can’t. Idk. Ive been going to the gym and im feeling better about my body. Im not especially twirly but i think im just using all these guys to fill the void tim left bc time hasnt been working fast enough. Fuck time, man.

literally just rambling about boys

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