tattoos & “that’s a bad idea”s

My mom hates tattoos. No, my mom HATES tattoos.

Before I went to college, my mom said that if I ever get a tattoo then she’s not giving me any money for school.

I called her bluff, and I now have three. I love my mom very much and we agree on a lot of things, but I don’t quite fucking understand the generational misunderstanding of tattoos.

My mom thinks tattoos are “defiling the body God gave you” and if you have one then you’ll “never get a job.” I think tattoos are awesome, and I want to share my view on them.

I’ve always liked standing out, whether it be saying something something borderline inappropriate for the situation or thinking out of the box, and as I’ve grown into my twenties, I’ve enjoyed making my physical looks stand out, too.

With a septum piercing, normal nose piercing, pierced nipples, a tattoo down my neck and the side of my head shaved, I toe the line of not being stared at in church (though I definitely would be stared at if they saw my nipples…because it’s church). I like the way I look and I’m careful about where I get tattoos and what I get pierced because I agree with my mom that there is a line, but I also think the body is an amazing piece for self expression.

I have this theory that people are born with tattoos already on their skin. God knows who you are at your core (whether you’re a drunk idiot who will eventually get a grilled cheese on your ass or you’re a cancer survivor who will eventually get a blue ribbon on your arm), and he paints you how he feels is most “you.”

Call me stupid (do it, I dare you, punk), but I genuinely think that when someone gets a tattoo, it was on his or her skin all along and the tattoo guy (OR GIRL, SHEESH) just uncovered it. Obviously I know this isn’t how it works, but it’s nice to think about it.

My main point here is your body is this amazing, beautiful, perfect masterpiece and it’s yours to do with it what you want. I think your body should be just as bold as your personality, and no one should be scared to look the way he or she wants to.

SO stand out and try new things, and get friends who will tell you that those new things look horrible, but also respect your mom because she’s so important.

tattoos & “that’s a bad idea”s

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