trends [a slam poem]

what a neat-o trend to be dark and unhappy –
you’re all infatuating, really.
you can continue being so conceited and
but while you’re sorting through your unnecessary dramatics and
posing for the society that is already so absolutely obsessed with
themselves and their image,
i will be happy.
and though you and your inner publicist will
look down on my breaking the mold you’re stuffing your
proudly depressed and quiverringly beautiful self into,
i will be happy.
and while your judgmental asshole of a being will only see
my “flaws” that you call flaws
that are not flaws at all,
but are actually strengths that differentiate me from the herd
that you’re killing and forcing your bloody, skeletal-of-a-self to run with,
i will be happy.
and when you’re trapped, knee-deep
in a rut of superficial bullshit,
following the rest of society and
trudging further into the broken pits of conformity
that your young, dreaming self once laughed at,
you wont even notice me making my own path, and
i will be happy.
and when your brain-washed mind is too hyper-focused on yourself making this short gift of a life hell by hating the corpse you no longer recognize,
the one youve created,
the one staring blankly at you in your shiny mirror,
you will fail to see that i am happy
and that you would be lucky to be me.
trends [a slam poem]

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