kittens & cuts

I recently babysat my friend’s new kitten and the little ball of fur taught me a few things.


For one, it taught me that I still really hate cats. Don’t let this picture fool you. I don’t care how cute a cat is, it doesn’t take away from the fact that it shits in a box and eats slop that smells worse than a dumpster.

This kitten also taught me that I like going back to things that hurt me. This cat had claws similar to tiny straws sharpened with an x-acto knife: not too sharp, but not something I want to rake across my skin 500 times.

This kitten, his name is Connor, clawed me every single time I picked him up. As soon as he’d claw me, I’d get pissed off and set him down and do something else. Then, five minutes later, I’d want to pick him up again (he’s really cute, okay!?)


I don’t care how much you hate cats, he’s really freaking cute.

So anyway, he’d claw the shit out of my arm and then I’d come back and try to cuddle with him five minutes later.

This is reasonable with a cat because a cat can be an asshole and not cause horrible emotional damage.

People, though, definitely can.

I recently finally got myself out of a toxic relationship. For months, this kid would scratch the shit out of my arm and then I’d come crawling back (he was also really cute, for the record.)

This is the same concept what happened between me and the little kitten, but let me tell you the scars caused by Connor were nothing in comparison by the ones caused by this boy.

If someone doesn’t treat you right, then don’t keep going back. It may be hard to resist his pretty blue eyes and soft fur (wait, am I talking about cats or people?), but, for your own safety and wellbeing, you have to.

It’ll hurt more than anything at the time, but you’ll be stronger and better off in the long run.

Who wants to be around someone who gives you scars, anyway?

Cats, too. Who wants to be around cats? They’re the actual worst.

kittens & cuts

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