sneezes & silence

I was sitting in class today and the kid next to me sneezed (it was not cute – let me tell ya), and I instinctively, without even thinking, said “bless you.”

About two minutes later, because I caught his disease, probably, I sneezed. And not one person in the class said “bless you.”

I know it sounds silly, but that one sneeze – that one sharp moment in time – taught me about people: I realized that it doesn’t matter how many times I say “bless you” to the kid next to me, he’s not going to say it to me unless he wants to.

Why am I talking about sneezes? Bear with me.

I always kinda thought that if you care about someone then they’d care about you, too. Because if you show kindness to someone, then they’ll reciprocate, because that’s what nice humans do, right? But my blessless sneeze showed me that just because I was nice to the f*cker who got me sick doesn’t mean he gives a shit about me. This kid was too caught up in his life that I didn’t even register on his radar – which is fine – but I can’t walk around thinking that everyone or anyone is focused on me, because they’re not.

Let’s take this to the bigger picture.

Just because you care about someone or love someone doesn’t mean they care about you. You can’t force people to care and you can’t expect them to always have you in mind. It’s a lesson in being mindful of others and not being completely stuck in your own ass, I think.

No matter how many people you bless when they sneeze, you might sneeze and have no one to bless you. People are selfish – don’t forget that because the moment you do, you get hurt. I know it sounds morbid and I don’t mean to be the downer here, but it’s true.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t say “bless you” when someone sneezes, I’m just saying don’t expect anyone else to say it to you.

Also, it’s completely okay to say it to yourself if no one else will.

sneezes & silence

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