an open letter to young girls

A lot of people say youll regret it later if you have sex with him now. Honestly, i doubt youd regret it. How you lose your virginity isnt a big deal and you wont care really later, however, actually losing your virginity is a big deal. I totally understand why you wanna have sex – sex is fun – but dont rush it. Girl. You have your whole entire life to bang dudes or girls. Life is a marathon, not a sprint! Be 13 and obsess over that cute guy in class with the pretty eyes who makes you look away really fast when he catches you looking in his direction and hate that bitch who always misses that stupid piece of hair on the back of her head when she straightens it and take so many selfies cuz youre beautiful and you know it and eat buckets ice cream cuz ice cream is damn good and hug your mom cuz shes so important and cry for weird reasons or no reason at all cuz its really soothing and run a ton even though it sucks ass and be unapologetically you. And ooze youth – breathe it in and drown yourself in it cuz it doesnt last forever. Im 19 – i wanna be 21 so i can go to bars with the guy i like. I wanna be 23 cuz i wanna move to NYC with my two best friends and be a badass businesswoman with a tight ass and great heels. I wanna be 26 cuz i cant. fucking. wait. to get married to the love of my life and have three little boys with dark hair who i can squeeze super tight and play Hot Wheels with and watch grow up. Dang, i want that so bad. But im not 21 or 23 or 26 – I’m 19, and im at a great university with some super amazing people and i can nap, like, whenever i want and its pretty fucking dope. All im saying is I dont wanna be 37 [ever, if i can help it] and hate my past self for spending my life wishing it away. Thats bullshit. Be 13. Act 13. Youll get to sex. Itll happen when it happens, and itll be even more amazing after you wait for it and after you enjoy being 13 and 14 and 15 and however many ages until you lose your virginity. I repeat: it will be even more amazing after you wait for it. Which i think is a thought that applies to most things in life, except ice cream, cuz that shit melts.

an open letter to young girls

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